Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dance Bags

Any one who knows me knows I am kind of picky with what I will allow my kids to use or wear. I would love to think other people try to avoid these things as well cause almost everything I ban I have a very good reason for buuutt.... this is not always the case. My mom put herself in charge of dance bags this year. I saw some but they were really big and were for girls who are older and pack clothes and other things. But the little purses I bought last year were too small. So I needed something that would fit their tap and ballet shoes and not weigh more than them. To my surprise. And trust me I was worried about what the outcome would be. She came through with some cute bags. Addie's is cowgirl themed and Olivia's has a little kitty. I couldnt be happier and they love them. So good job Grandma. Keep up the hard work and I just might let you pick their Christmas dresses.

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