Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Hair

I miss Lynsee soooo much. Since I moved here I have had my hair done twice. I went to a very nice salon and payed $130 for highlites and a cut. I didnt have much to complain about how it looked in the end but it took the lady 5 HOURS! She was trying to do other clients at the same time as me. I have seen this done before in salons. They can cut some ones hair while your waiting for your color to set. But this was nuts. My kids were at home with grandma who can only handle there high energy for so long. She fell asleep and she cant be woken up too easy. My older two admitted to having a meeting about how they will take turns taking care of the little ones and who will make the meals. They thought I was never coming back. I hated being in the salon that long I read every magazine twice. So this time around I did my own thing from a box. Yuck! When you move to a new area it can take a long time to find the right fit.

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Lynsee said...

Come visit and I'll do your hair! Better yet, move back!