Thursday, September 3, 2009

Call the Fashion Police!

This is an official press release. I want to let every one know I do not dress Addie! She picks out her clothes now by herself. I think its important for kids to feel confident and have high self esteem. I went through a year of school where for some reason my mom thought I was a sailor. I wore everything in the white,navy, and red clothing group imaginable complete with crisp white keds. I hated it and even if it was cute back then I didnt feel happy and couldn't be myself. I cant go to school with them and make the other kids be their friend. But if I can buy them clothes that they like and feel like they are their best selves in at take away one more stress for them. Then I will. I just need to know that you know that I know that its getting a little crazy and I cant be associated with her fashion sense any more. Your on your own Addie but Work It! Mom still loves you..... (Just try and walk a few feet behind me at the grocery store)

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Kristina said...

Such a cute blog, I love it!