Friday, April 30, 2010

Field Day was a flop

Today was field day at the preschool. We showed up just in time for Olivia's class to come out and dig in the sand box, color with side walk chalk, play with bubbles, and try a hula hoop. Derek joined her in the sand looking for a buried treasure and then it started to rain. Andrew and I decided to head out when they took all the kids inside. As soon as I got in the car and headed down the road they called and said Adelaide had a fever. So I went back and picked her up and brought her home to rest on the couch as she watched cartoons. Then I got another call that Olivia had thrown up in class and they needed me to come back. Addie was so mad she kept telling me that she wanted to go back to school. I told her they would not let her come back because she is sick and can spread germs. She said thats "so lame cause I have already spread them!". Good point! But you couldn't pay me to call them up and argue that. So home girl isn't talking to me and I can tell I have a fun weekend ahead of me.

Weird things my kids do.

Addie has this thing where she wants her name written on her drinking cup. They do it at her school and she has decided it should be done no other way. So I buy the cheap cups and keep the sharpie in the cupboard. Its not that big of a deal and I hope its just a phase.

Olivia LUVS roll-y pole-ys or pill bugs she told me that I am a mom and she is a mom too of her bugs. They poop as they walk so I always make sure to soak the dish with a little bleach before I add it to the dishwasher. But she catches two or three a day and loves them all day long. In fact we have taken her little ones out to eat before.

Derek can not relax on the toilet with his shoes on. No matter where we are! Socks and tennis shoes or flip flops. At the grocery store or out in the forest he needs to have air on his toes. So it all must come off and be put back on moments later.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


I love how much Derek wants to be like Dallin.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Addie came home with this cup full of hard clay and she said she had to find a way of breaking it open to get out her dinosaur. If I read the stuff they send home I would probably know exactly what was going on but I am always confused at why she needs to be doing these things in preschool. Any way she took a spoon and a fork and tried to dig out the dino but then she decided she wanted to just hit it with a hammer. The idea was to excavate like an archeologist and find the fossil that was left imprinted in the clay but she blew that idea into a bunch of tiny little pieces. I love how she found her version of safety goggles. All I know is I can't wait for school to be out. I figure I need to try harder to help her learn what ever it is they are trying to teach. But.... God just the thought of it is exhausting!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Neighborhood Baseball

We have this giant back yard and Andrew decided to mow an actual baseball diamond into the grass. If you look at it on a satellite image its perfect just like the real thing. I didn't really care that much until it became like the movie Field of Dreams. "If you build it they will come" And the next thing you know there were all these random children opening the back gate and joining in on a game of baseball. Its crazy how many kids come out to play baseball. We have a T for the girls to hit off of and Andrew just sits there and pitches to all these kids until it gets dark or I have a major fit cause one of them has found their way into my kitchen cupboards. I just can't seem to have a normal day to save my life. To make matters worse. The neighbor guy comes out and tells Andrew that he saw the satellite images and he thinks the baseball diamond is awesome! Like thanks dork now I am sure he will listen to me about how lame it is. (I would tell you our address so you could look up the satellite pics but I sun tan back there and I am not sure I won't be in one of the pics) (yes I know its possible the neighbor has seen pics of me sun tanning!)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Olivia turns 4

Olivia turned 4 today and boy did she have an amazing birthday. With Easter and my whole family singing Happy Birthday to her over strawberry shortcake she also got spoiled rotten by her aunts! She is kind of the middle child that doesn't get noticed very much and as a result has become an introvert. But we all decided to gang up on her this year and make her feel very special. Tonight we played soccer and had pizza and she got Birthday milkshakes and then this whole last week you can read below to see what we did. I love that she feels special and is coming out of her shell.
She is sooo cute I adore her and hope she has a fun time being 4!

Aunt Annette came to vist for her Birthday and gave her the royal treatment. Including a Rainbow bright doll. And a Chucky Cheese party (I don't have pics cause I forgot my camera) But Chucky sang her happy birthday and everything.

Addie was willing to be nice and play whatever Olivia wanted for the day.

Aunt Becka came up and made this super cute rice krispie cup cake idea for Olivia's class mates to have at school.

Aunt Becka also bought her this really yummy strawberry cake from the bakery. She loved it!

And we went to the Olive Garden for lunch. FYI. Any one at any time is more than welcome to take me to the Olive Garden for lunch. No special occasion is needed.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Care Bear and her big Scare! (sorry I couldn't help myself)

Olivia was rough housing and she tripped over her sister Addie and fell backwards hitting the back of her head on the corner of the wall. I didn't think anything was wrong and then my sister said she needed stitches. Which reminds me I need to remember to pray today and thank the lord she was here when this all happened. I don't really remember what happened from there cause I just shut down and go into zombie mode. I know how to go through the motions in times like this but I am not totally present. I'll be damned if I work that hard and gain that much weight to have a baby and watch them be in pain like that. So I drove to the Urgent Care and handed them my insurance card and let Annette handle EVERYTHING else. I know for a fact I couldn't bear to see how deep and wide the gash was. She came out happy and calm and thats how I like em. I did hold her on my lap the next day for a long time to show her that it made me sad. She kept asking to get down and I wouldn't let her. Which is another thing she had to deal with that sucks. I have Andrew signed up to take her to get the staples out. I will be meditating by the lake pretending everything in life is ok and then I will hold her on my lap well after the fact for that painful event as well.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More Pictures from Easter

Yes! My dad hides eggs on top of cars for children's Easter egg hunt.

It was timed as well so all the shots I could got were on the fly.

Adelaide ended up winning the hunt for the Junior age division. You go girl! Snap!

The Easter Bunny came. Not surprising when you consider how well behaved and soft spoken the kids are at this house!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt

I don't know why but my dad has been way more into Easter than other Holidays. Odds are it because it involves some form of competition and he is a fish out of water in any other setting. That being said he has taken your normal Easter egg hunt to a whole other level. All eggs have a value. Some eggs are worth more than others and then there is a golden and a silver egg that have the highest amount of points. So if you do find one of these eggs you could win the game but they are always hidden the best and you could waste your whole time trying and fail. Most years no one finds the Golden or Silver egg in the first round. All of his egg hunts are timed and there is a winner. No matter who's feelings get hurt or who starts crying there are no participation ribbons. He takes the top two finishers and allows them to go head to head in the finals with one seeker that is helping to find the golden egg. You have to be strategic or you WILL loose! None of the eggs are easy to find! He actually enjoys it when we come in with thorn scratches all over their arms or car grease in our hair. Its amazing to see how and accountant, oil rigger, nurse, stay at home mom ect... no matter how important or smart you are or how big your pay check is we were all on a level playing field and its ever man for him self.

My dad the king of Easter!

A picture of him explaining the rules and points system.

This year he let Dallin compete with the adults! After a few hours of grueling physical endurance tests he was deemed worthy.