Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt

I don't know why but my dad has been way more into Easter than other Holidays. Odds are it because it involves some form of competition and he is a fish out of water in any other setting. That being said he has taken your normal Easter egg hunt to a whole other level. All eggs have a value. Some eggs are worth more than others and then there is a golden and a silver egg that have the highest amount of points. So if you do find one of these eggs you could win the game but they are always hidden the best and you could waste your whole time trying and fail. Most years no one finds the Golden or Silver egg in the first round. All of his egg hunts are timed and there is a winner. No matter who's feelings get hurt or who starts crying there are no participation ribbons. He takes the top two finishers and allows them to go head to head in the finals with one seeker that is helping to find the golden egg. You have to be strategic or you WILL loose! None of the eggs are easy to find! He actually enjoys it when we come in with thorn scratches all over their arms or car grease in our hair. Its amazing to see how and accountant, oil rigger, nurse, stay at home mom ect... no matter how important or smart you are or how big your pay check is we were all on a level playing field and its ever man for him self.

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Anonymous said...

John wants me to let you know he is not an oil rigger, he is an oil fracer. and as his bff you should know that.