Friday, April 23, 2010


Addie came home with this cup full of hard clay and she said she had to find a way of breaking it open to get out her dinosaur. If I read the stuff they send home I would probably know exactly what was going on but I am always confused at why she needs to be doing these things in preschool. Any way she took a spoon and a fork and tried to dig out the dino but then she decided she wanted to just hit it with a hammer. The idea was to excavate like an archeologist and find the fossil that was left imprinted in the clay but she blew that idea into a bunch of tiny little pieces. I love how she found her version of safety goggles. All I know is I can't wait for school to be out. I figure I need to try harder to help her learn what ever it is they are trying to teach. But.... God just the thought of it is exhausting!


Tabatha said...

that is awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

I think she got the idea for her safety glasses from Uncle John when we did the vinegar rocket a couple of months ago.