Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Neighborhood Baseball

We have this giant back yard and Andrew decided to mow an actual baseball diamond into the grass. If you look at it on a satellite image its perfect just like the real thing. I didn't really care that much until it became like the movie Field of Dreams. "If you build it they will come" And the next thing you know there were all these random children opening the back gate and joining in on a game of baseball. Its crazy how many kids come out to play baseball. We have a T for the girls to hit off of and Andrew just sits there and pitches to all these kids until it gets dark or I have a major fit cause one of them has found their way into my kitchen cupboards. I just can't seem to have a normal day to save my life. To make matters worse. The neighbor guy comes out and tells Andrew that he saw the satellite images and he thinks the baseball diamond is awesome! Like thanks dork now I am sure he will listen to me about how lame it is. (I would tell you our address so you could look up the satellite pics but I sun tan back there and I am not sure I won't be in one of the pics) (yes I know its possible the neighbor has seen pics of me sun tanning!)

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