Thursday, January 9, 2014

Skate Or Go Home

Dallin was invited to a birthday party at a skating rink. He was so nervous and scared cause he had no idea how to skate and he didn't want to fall in front of his friends. It always sucks to be that kid. So I decided I needed to give all my kids a chance to skate and have one more skill set under their belts. I planned it around when Annette was in town so there were enough adults to really help out and it ended up being a perfect day. We have been back again and plan to go back this Friday. The kids are getting much better at it, and aside from me and Addie having a major fight about her hanging on the wall they, they love it!

Sea World NYE 2013

We went back to Sea World for their NYE firework show. It was a blast. The expense is worth it cause you get a season pass for the price of the one day admission. I hadn't been on a roller coaster in years. And let me tell you it was crazy fun. I say that now but we were all hating it during the ride. I wanted to die! But Bassett's are known for talking trash if you don't man up and go. Its worth the near death experience to not be the brunt of a Bassett joke for over a year. So I went and almost peed myself cause I can't handle the pressure of being called a baby. The fireworks are really good and I love the music. Good times. The whole Bassett clan together having fun!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Just Dance 2014

BEST GAME EVA!!! I seriously love this game. When Annette arrived a couple days after Christmas we rented it and had waaay too much fun. My kids loved it. And my sisters got down and dirty. We played as often as we could for three days. Good times.

Christmas 2013

This was one of our over the top years. Andrew got a new job and we felt very blessed which some how translated into buying allot???? We are thugs. Any way the kids got more this year. Some years we are very frugal and only buy them coloring books and clothes for school. This year its was all about fun toys. They all loved what Annette got them most. Addie wants to live with her full time and is talking with lawyers about how to persuade us to turn over our legal rights as her guardian. LOL! They each got a tablet which has been so funny to have them texting their grandpa who most of Christmas day was in the same room as them. And Olivia lost it on one of my friends on Instagram for saying she had gotten bigger. I know my parents said this about us when we were kids but its crazy how quickly kids are able to navigate thru new apps and use these devices like a boss. Next year we will go back to being Ghetto I promise. The best memories were making cookies for friends and neighbors and Puzzles. I bought a big one 500 pieces and just let it sit on the table so we could work on it while watching t.v. the kids liked it so much we bought three more!

Christmas Ginger Bread Houses 2013

Kids made some adorable houses this year. I was impressed. They all are really creative. Not just one or two of them but all their teachers comment about how fancy and amazing their art is at school. Not that being creative pays the bills but its fun while they are young.

Semi Finals!!!! Baby!

My dads team made it to the semi finals which is big time. Texas football is the best of the best. If your kid wins the championship game in lets say Utah of Montana they could come and play against a Texas team and get devoured, killed, annihilated!! Being the best in another state makes you a weenie dog in Texas. To just make it to the play offs is a BIG deal. A HUGE deal! Last year his team made it the playoffs and we were over the moon. Every thing from then on is just gravy. And we were rolling in the gravy this year. Every time they won it was awesome, AMAZING, surreal. Dallin was their biggest fan. The whole town would shut down and go to these games. If you were passing thru Port Lavaca on a Sat and stopped for food good luck finding some one to serve you they were at the game. It was so amazing being in huge stadiums (like the Alamo Dome) with crowds roaring and players laying it all on the line. The final game was in Reliant stadium. The semi finals!! They lost but like I said if you make it that far you are better than good you are unreal. Great Job BUBS (my dad) I am so proud of you!!