Sunday, April 15, 2012

Olivia turns 6

Mixed in with school, Easter, and Andrew buying a new car Olivia's Birthday got lost in the shuffle. Every other year they get a big party and this wasn't her year. We did a bunch of fun little things through out the week and I am hoping that if we combine all of it she will see how much we love her cute little butt. Annette got her a new bike and we did our regular Chuck E Cheese party with ice cream after wards. I brought cup cakes to her class and met her for lunch. I took her to a special day of shopping. And then on the weekend when things settled down we finally made a cake and sang to her. She is ADORABLE and has the most infectious laugh.


Easter this year was kind of mellow not major crazy or fun but still it was celebrated and enjoyed. We dyed eggs. Had yummy EASY food and as usual my dad went big on the Easter egg hunt. All the little ones under 5 did a little hunt and held their breath while grandpa added points. In our hunt each egg is worth a certain amount of points. So its not like you just get eggs and eat your candy -one and done. We have prizes and awards for the first place winner etc.. Good times. Especially since Annette was able to fly in and visit.

The kids made such cute eggs.

This is my brothers baby. He came up on Saturday and I was high as a kite cause I was feeding my little boy Cole and put him down cause I thought he wanted to play but he reached out to me and wanted me to hold him. Melted my heart. I love being an Auntie!

In the mist of hunting for eggs

Counting points with Grandpa. Ohhh the stress! You could hear a pin drop.

All of the above happened on Saturday. On Sunday my dad had another hunt for my kids. He played into the sibling rivalry between Addie and Dallin big time. Annette added a $100 prize for the winner and my gut dropped. I knew it would KILL who ever lost and lets just say it did just that. He fudged the score in round one and made it SEEM like a double over time was necessary between Dallin and Addie. Olivia was already drying at this point. But my dad loves that tension and it only gets him more excited. Round 2- they had to find one golden egg in a certain amount of time.... Addie found it. The shit then hit the fan. Dallin lost control. Annette decided to help the situation by telling the kids the truth and doubling the money they would get. For now it has calmed down but I dont want this same game plan next year sheesh!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Olivia was visited by the Tooth Fairy

We all know I am way bad at playing the tooth fairy. I have dropped the ball waaaay too many times and with Olivia's first tooth gone, the story was the same. She slept outside with her siblings in a backyard camp out. So when she came to me with sad eyes claiming her tooth was still under her pillow I took advantage of the situation and made a tiny little note (about the size of one a fairy would make) that explained that she came but Olivia wasn't in bed so she would be back the next night.
Then I decided to resurrect the whole tooth fairy magic cause lets face it the kids in our house were really seriously doubting the whole thing. I found this website that allows you to make a picture so it looks like the tooth fairy really came. Hallelujah!!! We are back in business folks! She bought it HOOK-LINE-AND ---SINKER and so did Addie and Derek.
Dallin is so over "believing" but that's OK cause he is at an age where its not that cool any more. Plus I was so inconsistent with his fairy rewards at this point we would have to question his mental abilities if he hadn't drawn that conclusion already.

Now if I can just stay proactive and not forget, then that's one less thing they can claim ruined their child hood right???