Monday, April 2, 2012

Olivia was visited by the Tooth Fairy

We all know I am way bad at playing the tooth fairy. I have dropped the ball waaaay too many times and with Olivia's first tooth gone, the story was the same. She slept outside with her siblings in a backyard camp out. So when she came to me with sad eyes claiming her tooth was still under her pillow I took advantage of the situation and made a tiny little note (about the size of one a fairy would make) that explained that she came but Olivia wasn't in bed so she would be back the next night.
Then I decided to resurrect the whole tooth fairy magic cause lets face it the kids in our house were really seriously doubting the whole thing. I found this website that allows you to make a picture so it looks like the tooth fairy really came. Hallelujah!!! We are back in business folks! She bought it HOOK-LINE-AND ---SINKER and so did Addie and Derek.
Dallin is so over "believing" but that's OK cause he is at an age where its not that cool any more. Plus I was so inconsistent with his fairy rewards at this point we would have to question his mental abilities if he hadn't drawn that conclusion already.

Now if I can just stay proactive and not forget, then that's one less thing they can claim ruined their child hood right???

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Anonymous said...

Wioe are going to have a riot on our hands when Livvy realizes all this stuff isn't real..She falls for stuff and believes with all her heart...remember the pirates...
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