Monday, February 16, 2009

This weeks Track Meet

I feel like Andrew and I have different parenting roles. To explain this better I will use the analogy of sports. I am the runner down on the track running the race and jumping the hurdles. He is the sports fan that really wants the team to win and does really care that his runner wins the race but he is eating a hot dog drinking a diet coke in the stands complaining when the actual athlete isnt preforming well enough. And like most lazy sports fans with a beer gut they are not doing much work yet always front and center when its celebration time.
(I know he feels the same way with me when one of his paychecks come in)
O well. I must keep my fans happy so on with the race and lets see what kind of hurdles I will be jumping over this week.

Hurdle-#1 Derek wont wear shoes

Derek refuses to walk in shoes. Does not matter what kind or what shape. He acts like I put 50lb weights on his feet and he cant move. I have every Sun City (retirement community we live by) grey haired opinionated old lady imaginable telling me he should have shoes on every where I go. I hate how people you have never met think they can come up and inform you your the worst parent they have ever seen and think you will take it well. ???? I KNOW HE DOESN'T HAVE SHOES ON!!! He wont wear them. I know I need to eventually get him to cause it will be summer time here soon and the pavement on most days is nothing cooler than 210 degrees. Game plan- I will have him wear them at home as much as I can so no one thinks he is being abused and I can avoid more drama in the future. Wish me luck.

Hurdles- #2 Olivia cant blow her nose

Olivia has the greenest nose right now. I think she is allergic to the winter grass here cause every day she wakes up and needs her nose wiped. And you can tell by the way she is breathing and talking she has a pound of snot that needs to come out. Problem!! She wont blow. She thinks its funny and she just sucks in. It drives me crazy to know there is all that stuff up there and she cant get it to come out. Its like talking to some one with a giant pimple on their face that is white and oozing. You just cant concentrate. So I will dedicate much of this week to seeing if she can blow. I just have no clue how to explain what it takes to blow from your nose. Trust me showing her just makes her laugh.
(the crying in the background is Derek with his shoes on)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

Annette is notorious for sending a package for Valentines Day and the kids get so excited. They wont be in love for a few more years so this is all they can hope for. They got them a couple of days ago. They were so excited when they saw them that I was able to con them into cleaning their rooms and scrubbing the toilets before they could see what was inside. I am sorry Annette but its all I have! They wanted to say thank you. They loved all the stuff.
Dallin go a Spiderman shirt and pajama pants. The shirt lights up. I was way excited about that fact. But he has seen so many at school to him it was high time he had one too. He is so wise cause right after the opening ceremonies he was quick to hide away all candy. Now you can see him walking around with a mouthful here and there but he will never tell you were he got it from.
Addie was excited down to the last air head. She got princess jammies and a necklace and bracelet set that has heart shaped beads. She loves jewelry. She comes home from school and puts the pj's on like I made her wear garbs and the pajamas are all that feel right. O well some how I am always the bitch.
Olivia feels like she is kindred spirits with Dora (she has gotten over the fact that she is mexican). She got Dora Jammies and the same Necklace and bracelet as Addie. Aunt Net is smart and knows how to buy the same things so there is no fighting. Smart move!
Derek got pajamas and candy. Which he loves to swallow the gummy savers whole. Then he got two cute tiny balls. He loves Balls. This is all the loven he will get from any kind of girl this year. Trust me that wont always be the case. Big Pimpin.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bad to the Bone

Too bad his cuteness couldn't last forever. He was my last so I clung to him and thought he was the sweetest baby ever. Those feelings faded as I hobbled to safety after he threw my bathroom scale across the room and it landed on my ankle. He throws all the time and he will throw anything. He has awsome aim which makes me proud but not when it is his sippy cup at his sisters head. He some how had out the thick glass casserole dishes and was hurling them across the room, and they were making a loud clank as they hit the tile floors. I was in the shower washing my hair and as soon as I put a picture in my mind of what the noise could be I ran out naked and grabbed him before there was glass everywhere. So long sweet baby. Hello stinky hyper bad little boy. Please know mommy will miss the cuddles. Also note that we do serve time outs to any one over 9 months of age.