Monday, February 16, 2009

Hurdle-#1 Derek wont wear shoes

Derek refuses to walk in shoes. Does not matter what kind or what shape. He acts like I put 50lb weights on his feet and he cant move. I have every Sun City (retirement community we live by) grey haired opinionated old lady imaginable telling me he should have shoes on every where I go. I hate how people you have never met think they can come up and inform you your the worst parent they have ever seen and think you will take it well. ???? I KNOW HE DOESN'T HAVE SHOES ON!!! He wont wear them. I know I need to eventually get him to cause it will be summer time here soon and the pavement on most days is nothing cooler than 210 degrees. Game plan- I will have him wear them at home as much as I can so no one thinks he is being abused and I can avoid more drama in the future. Wish me luck.

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