Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bad to the Bone

Too bad his cuteness couldn't last forever. He was my last so I clung to him and thought he was the sweetest baby ever. Those feelings faded as I hobbled to safety after he threw my bathroom scale across the room and it landed on my ankle. He throws all the time and he will throw anything. He has awsome aim which makes me proud but not when it is his sippy cup at his sisters head. He some how had out the thick glass casserole dishes and was hurling them across the room, and they were making a loud clank as they hit the tile floors. I was in the shower washing my hair and as soon as I put a picture in my mind of what the noise could be I ran out naked and grabbed him before there was glass everywhere. So long sweet baby. Hello stinky hyper bad little boy. Please know mommy will miss the cuddles. Also note that we do serve time outs to any one over 9 months of age.

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