Monday, February 16, 2009

Hurdles- #2 Olivia cant blow her nose

Olivia has the greenest nose right now. I think she is allergic to the winter grass here cause every day she wakes up and needs her nose wiped. And you can tell by the way she is breathing and talking she has a pound of snot that needs to come out. Problem!! She wont blow. She thinks its funny and she just sucks in. It drives me crazy to know there is all that stuff up there and she cant get it to come out. Its like talking to some one with a giant pimple on their face that is white and oozing. You just cant concentrate. So I will dedicate much of this week to seeing if she can blow. I just have no clue how to explain what it takes to blow from your nose. Trust me showing her just makes her laugh.
(the crying in the background is Derek with his shoes on)

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