Friday, November 27, 2009

Annette's 30th Birthday

Annette some times has her birthday on Thanksgiving. This year it was the day after and this year she was able to come and visit during the holiday. When we asked the kids what we should do to celebrate the answer was Chuck E Cheese. They felt it would make her day the very best. To them you cant top a Chuck E Cheese party. So we headed out and had so much fun. The kids ate all their pizza and as usual used up all their tokens. It really was the most fun we have had for a grown party ever. After we got our cheap prizes we got in the car and jammed out to Hannah MOntana before heading home to have some purple cake. Addie was convinced Annette wanted purple cake. What more could an Aunt ask for. She turned 30 and was fine with it. Apparently she was more depressed to turn 25.
the kids are singing her happy birthday as loud as they can so she feels how much they want her to be happy. I am sure this single lady is used to more adult interaction on her birthday cause you can see in her face she is not used to being sung to like that.

Pre Turkey Car Wash

Grandpa came a day early for thanksgiving and we all thought it was time for a car wash. I don't think he has washed that thing in over 9 months. It ended up being pretty fun cause the boys built a dam with rocks from the yard to hold all the worms in. My mom is so happy the truck got washed she kept going for rides in it to the grocery store.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Dining room table

I got a new dining room table just in time for Thanksgiving. I am very excited this year cause my whole family will be here. We have not all been together for Thanksgiving since Addie was a new born. I hope to take a family picture this year cause the last one we took I was so fat and Addie looked weird. She looked ugly. Not that I think she was an ugly baby but she didn't take a good picture. We all are most excited about my mom rolls. We love them when they are hot and fresh. Its the best part. I plan on making pies the night before and my dad (as usual) went way over board on buying the Turkey. I think the one this year weighs more than Derek. Any way I am happy to have the extra seating with a new table and cant wait to see every one. Nothing could go wrong this year. Annette even had a new t.v. shipped to my house so the men can watch football and the kids can watch movies! We don't have to play with them and entertain them with Candy land and other really annoying games that get old when kids freak out cause they didn't win again. Any way tune in for more........


I had to post this picture of the kids in their new pajamas cause they were so happy to get them. I am not big on buying pajamas cause I think no one ever sees them so why not spend money on the things that people notice. (this is why my underwear are so nasty). My sister Becka came to town and wanted to buy them some pajamas. They really needed them. When they touch me in the morning and have freezing cold hands you know they were not sleeping all warm and snug at night. Any way they were really happy to pick out what they wanted. Derek went nuts over his Thomas pjs. Dallin loved Thomas as a baby too. We would buy other trains but Thomas always was more exciting. Some things are just timeless like that.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The PlayOffs

Dallin was put on a team with children in his age range. His team didn't win too many games so they didn't make it into the playoffs. But the coach called us to see if Dallin would play on one of the older kids teams that did make the play offs. Of course we said yes. Dallin was so excited to win for once and he was amazed at how far he could run when he actually had his team mates blocking for him. They won all their games and got into the finals. This last Saturday was his last game and they won that one as well. Football here is so much better for him than it was in Arizona. I am so happy his coaches see his potential and love him like a son. And now we get a season off before we put him into another sport.

He got a medal at the end and he was happy with it. I am glad it wasnt another trophy cause his dresser top is loaded. We will have to trash a few from when he was three cause I hate the junk.
This is a small clip of Dallin running the ball. He got the first down. He always pushes them forward into a first down.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Addie's Art

Now that miss Adelaide is in school she is drawing up a storm. She has very girlie pictures most of the time with rainbows, hearts, flowers, horses ect... The other day I went to pick her up and she could not leave cause she had to finish her picture. Most of the time I tell her we have crayons at home and she can finish up there. But this picture was extra special. So I waited....... It turned out to be a drawing of her Aunt Annette. I think its adorable cause it really does look like her. I asked her why the lips were so big and she said because Annette's lips are big! and I quote "she has the biggest lips of any one I know!" Cracks me up how random she is most of the time.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Only the Good Die Young!

This means Derek will live forever. His actually birth day was a drag. The kids were so tired and grumpy from Halloween night. They got so hyped up on sugar that they didnt go to sleep till late and then had like a hang over the next day. We went to church and tried our best to manage the grumpiness and then crashed when we got home. By the time any of us were ready to make the cake it was almost bed time. I will have to remember this in the future and plan ahead. Having your birthday the day after Halloween is kind of a downer. Thank goodness he doesnt care that much at this age.

Bath Tub Basketball. This is one of his favorite presents. He loves playing basketball. We never noticed till one day he was at his cousins house and was having such a good time with Nolan's hoop in his play room. We came home and got him one and he went nuts. When you put him to bed he will play for an hour before he settles into his bed. So we saw this little hoop for the tub and thought he would love it. Its nice cause he will play for a while so I can get the girls hair washed and in their pjs before he climbs out of the tub butt naked and streaks around the house. The simple joys in life right!

The quad. He got a battery powered bike. We tried to see if he would peddle a trike but he was not going for it. I remember Dallin and the girls wouldnt do it at this age either. Then you have this bike that you bought that your kids wont ride so your mad at them. This time. 4 kids into the whole thing we bought this with the money that was sent from people. He loves it. And he is getting better at steering every day. It goes like 1 mph so its not that dangerous. Though I know he can make a lethal weapon out of a pillow so we will just knock on wood and look for sales on bandages.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

We had a ton of fun this year. The kids had a trunk or treat at the ward party the night before. Dallin played a football game the next day and they won! He was so pumped. Then we came home and made chili and had fun trick or treating around our neighborhood.
I think the kids really love all the little things we try to do to make it more memorable. We had cups and plates all month long that had Halloween pictures and once a week we would watch a Halloween movie or do some sort of treat or craft. I am spent. Lucky for me thanksgiving is more layed back.