Friday, November 20, 2009


I had to post this picture of the kids in their new pajamas cause they were so happy to get them. I am not big on buying pajamas cause I think no one ever sees them so why not spend money on the things that people notice. (this is why my underwear are so nasty). My sister Becka came to town and wanted to buy them some pajamas. They really needed them. When they touch me in the morning and have freezing cold hands you know they were not sleeping all warm and snug at night. Any way they were really happy to pick out what they wanted. Derek went nuts over his Thomas pjs. Dallin loved Thomas as a baby too. We would buy other trains but Thomas always was more exciting. Some things are just timeless like that.


Rachel said...

Noelle and I went into the Disney store - which I have never done before, but we survived- anyway they have the most fun nightgowns for girls. Its almost like wearing dress ups to bed. Check them out online. They're on sale right now.

Boo said...

Derek has the biggest cheese grin ever. He looks like he just won the lottery. Nice score on the PJs!