Friday, November 27, 2009

Annette's 30th Birthday

Annette some times has her birthday on Thanksgiving. This year it was the day after and this year she was able to come and visit during the holiday. When we asked the kids what we should do to celebrate the answer was Chuck E Cheese. They felt it would make her day the very best. To them you cant top a Chuck E Cheese party. So we headed out and had so much fun. The kids ate all their pizza and as usual used up all their tokens. It really was the most fun we have had for a grown party ever. After we got our cheap prizes we got in the car and jammed out to Hannah MOntana before heading home to have some purple cake. Addie was convinced Annette wanted purple cake. What more could an Aunt ask for. She turned 30 and was fine with it. Apparently she was more depressed to turn 25.

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