Thursday, November 12, 2009

Addie's Art

Now that miss Adelaide is in school she is drawing up a storm. She has very girlie pictures most of the time with rainbows, hearts, flowers, horses ect... The other day I went to pick her up and she could not leave cause she had to finish her picture. Most of the time I tell her we have crayons at home and she can finish up there. But this picture was extra special. So I waited....... It turned out to be a drawing of her Aunt Annette. I think its adorable cause it really does look like her. I asked her why the lips were so big and she said because Annette's lips are big! and I quote "she has the biggest lips of any one I know!" Cracks me up how random she is most of the time.

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Matt and Jamie Broderick said...

I just love her picture!!! It really does look like her, although she may have dramatized the lips a little. So cute!