Friday, November 20, 2009

Dining room table

I got a new dining room table just in time for Thanksgiving. I am very excited this year cause my whole family will be here. We have not all been together for Thanksgiving since Addie was a new born. I hope to take a family picture this year cause the last one we took I was so fat and Addie looked weird. She looked ugly. Not that I think she was an ugly baby but she didn't take a good picture. We all are most excited about my mom rolls. We love them when they are hot and fresh. Its the best part. I plan on making pies the night before and my dad (as usual) went way over board on buying the Turkey. I think the one this year weighs more than Derek. Any way I am happy to have the extra seating with a new table and cant wait to see every one. Nothing could go wrong this year. Annette even had a new t.v. shipped to my house so the men can watch football and the kids can watch movies! We don't have to play with them and entertain them with Candy land and other really annoying games that get old when kids freak out cause they didn't win again. Any way tune in for more........

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