Saturday, May 30, 2009


Sorry there are no pictures. I know my kids hate stories with no pictures. But as soon as I can get my computer up and running I will do more posts. For now I am just posting an update for all my loyal fans who I know are just dying to know whats going on. We are staying with family right now till we can move into our rental home. We decided to rent for a year and get to know the area before we buy. We made that mistake with or last home purchase. (goodbye creepy, half naked, illegaly collecting workers comp, snoopy guy next door) Its a nice family sized home with southern charm but the previous owner is taking her time to get out so we might look for another place. For now the kids are doing well. They have really blossomed with all the love and attention they have been receiving from aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Its proof that family matters and its never as good a job when you try to parent and do everything by yourself. A lesson I needed to learn. With my extra time I am shopping for all new furniture. Its been very fun!! Andrew starts work on the 1st as the auditor that people duck into the bathoom when they see him walking down the hall. We hope to get into a home soon and hit the ground running.
We really miss our friends. Hope your all are happy and hot. Mua!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mothers Day

As mothers day is approaching and I am not pregnant you would think I could just sit back and relax and let the gifts roll in but NO! I have to have my wits about me cause my kids are getting older and asking the craziest questions. The other day we were sitting in church and Dallin turns to me. Me! He couldn't have sat by his dad. And said "Mom what if every body is just making Jesus up?" "what if he isn't real?"
At Paradise Bakery Addie got her kids meal. I told her she needed to finish all of her sandwich and fruit cup before she could have her cookie. She asked me why and I said we have to make good healthy choices. She then asked "why do we have to make the good choices before we make the bad ones?" Of course I did the best I could with answering them but why couldn't they ask me about weight loss??

Sunday, May 3, 2009

We Are Moving!!!

We are moving to Texas soon. I am so excited and anxious. We like moving to different places and experiencing new things so who knows when we will stay in one place for a real long time. But we will miss parts of Arizona. I will miss Trish, Heather, Rachel, Lynsee, Stephanie, Emily, Andy, Heidie, and Rebecca. I will even kind of miss the heat cause it made for fun summers in the pool. I know my kids will really miss their little friends so thanks to every one that let them come over and play and was nice to them. I wish every one happiness and a bright future. I am glad I got to meet you and have as much fun as I did. I am also glad to go back to Texas. I love the values the people espouse there. And I even like the larger than life personalities you can run into at the HEB. Texas here we come.
(how was that for naming names?)


Dallin's football season is almost over. He has two games left and then its summer time fun. I am impressed at how much progress he has made. He seems to be a natural at it. The best part is he is young and there is more to be had by this tough guy. I am thankful for the work ethic it teaches him that he can incorporate into other aspects of his life. I love how he is learning to be a team player. I love that he is getting out of the house and that he will value health and being physically fit. And I love that I am getting better at using the zoom on our camera. Go Dust Devils !!!

Piggy Opera

Addie had a Piggy Opera on Friday. I wasn't really sure what to expect. The first I heard of it was when the teacher e-mailed the invitation. It was adorable to say the least. It was very creative and well thought out. The songs were so cute. Addie was a wolf and she sang "I want a big fat piggy to eat". We had such a good time getting to watch her. I am not really the kind of mom that gets sentimental at these kind of things. I am proud of her and look forward to all the things she will achieve in the future.