Friday, July 31, 2009

Pop Warner

Football starts tomorrow for Dallin. And if you cant tell he is ready. This is a picture of him sleeping in his gear. I would show you a picture of his dad (who is just as excited) doing the same thing but the pads fit a little too well and it was creepy cause he wasnt wearing pants.
No But seriously. We are all excited and ready to roll. We haven't purchased a large shade canopy and ice chest on wheels yet. But we are so so close.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Perch Jerkin

We have been doing allot of fishing since we got here. We didn't fish once in Arizona. Not that there are not fish there but we must have not felt a need or something. My sister married a real Texan who knows exactly how to fish and if you tag along with him you will catch something every time. The kids catch mainly perch. Here they call it perch jerkin. Dallin is really good at it. He can catch any where from 6-10 fish in a day. There are tons of lakes here and its nice to just sit in a lawn chair and relax.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lovin the Neighbor

I am very entertained by people in general. I love to go out to amusement parks and people watch. Its so amusing. So you can imagine how much fun it was for me to come home and see a note stuck in the side of my front door. For starters the backside has a grocery list which is hysterical but I love how my dear friend Frances is being just a tad presumptuous. By assuming that like all irresponsible pet owners I own a dog simply to let it roam free to scare the bejesus out of innocent unsuspecting tender men like him.

Jack Russel Terriers are small and they can jump high but not too scary. If you own a miniature Yorkie then yes he is a beast but for the most part the post man just smiles at him and gives him a pat on the head. I find it hard to believe he is scary. When we first moved in we noticed after leaving the house sometimes that he had dug a hole under the fence and gotten out. We tried this green plastic fencing at home depot and he just chewed through it then we resorted to buying bricks and placing them where ever we found a hole. We also decided it would help to not weed wack in front of the fence so the grass would grow tall and further deter him from trying to get out. We sat him down and had a little chat with him to see if he was happy in our home and maybe thats why he was leaving but he didnt give us much to go off of. I don't know why he keeps getting out but my best guess would be he sees rabbits and squrils and cant help himself. He is well fed and can come and go as he pleases with the doggy door. What more can I do really? (thats a rhetorical question). I have four kids we leave the house to swim and pick up milk. If I notice he has escaped I walk the fence and cover the hole.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Olivia's Room

Yiva has her own room now! Her and Addie "shared" rooms before. To Addie that meant she could only come in when Addie needed help cleaning something up. Then she would be ushered back out again. At night they would fight and not fall asleep till all hours of the morning. For my sanity and Olivia's safety we moved her to our closet floor. No worries though. I bought a Tinkerbell sleeping bag to help her feel better about it. I know she is only 3 but there was going to be a day when she would realize that the fire department considers it a safety hazard to have a closet as a bedroom. The good news is we moved before that day came.

Adelaide's Room

Here is Addie's room. She picked out the bed spread by herself and has decorated it on her own. She has always been particular about her room. She locks every one out when she is done cleaning it in the morning. And she will scream at you if you try to go in there. I had to take these pictures from the vent in the attic.

across from her bed.
Butterscotch (her horse) almost didn't make it but he some how managed to climb into the moving truck one night and stay loyal to miss Addie's need for horses. He has been laying low and staying out of my way since he got here. Lord knows I didn't want him to come!

her vanity to help her stay vain. :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Community

Our home is in a nice planned Community called Falcon Pointe. It has a club house and fitness center, a golf course, tennis courts, basketball courts, multiple play grounds, hiking and biking trails, and last but not least three pools. Andrew really misses having our own pool but I don't. Probably because I was the one who did the maintenance. But also because my kids would just cling to me and expect me to play all the lame pool games they would come up with off the top of their heads. I am a grown up and I can only play kid games for so long. This pool allows them to play with other kids (who are dumb enough to get suckered into these games). And because there is a baby pool and splash park I don't have to supervise the little ones like I used to. They can swim and play on their own cause the odds of drowning are far less in 1 ft deep baby pool. I am a happy camper. And Andrew is just going to have to deal!

The kids love it!

They all love to swim there. Addie is full on swimming so her and Dallin usually swim in the deep end. And Olivia and Derek go from the splash area to the baby pool to the beach pool and then rotate through again till its time to go. Its the best way I can think of to spend the summer.