Friday, July 10, 2009

Olivia's Room

Yiva has her own room now! Her and Addie "shared" rooms before. To Addie that meant she could only come in when Addie needed help cleaning something up. Then she would be ushered back out again. At night they would fight and not fall asleep till all hours of the morning. For my sanity and Olivia's safety we moved her to our closet floor. No worries though. I bought a Tinkerbell sleeping bag to help her feel better about it. I know she is only 3 but there was going to be a day when she would realize that the fire department considers it a safety hazard to have a closet as a bedroom. The good news is we moved before that day came.


Rachel said...

Good gracious, I have bedroom envy and I'm 30 years old. Good job mama. I'm mad that you left before telling me what to do with our new house. I'm too lame.

Stephanie said...

So pretty, so girly. . . I love it! There's no other time in her life when she will be able to have such a feminine, cute room. Live it up Olivia!