Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Dallin had a baseball tournament this last weekend. And it was crazy fun to watch. These little kids played their little hearts out. I was so proud of them. And to see them cry when they lost in round 3 and didn't make it to the finals was all I needed to inspire me to do better in my daily endeavors. I love sports ! I know they make kids better at everything in life. To push your self physically is the best way to build character. I don't want my boys at home wasting away in front of video games. I have a video clip of one of Dallin's home runs (although you can't see where to ball goes and I stopped before he reached 2nd base. At least you can see that he has a great swing. No worries though he has another tournament this weekend so maybe I will get a better clip then.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pine Wood Derby

Well tonight was the pine wood derby race. And let me just start off by saying how proud I am of myself for being willing to even help. I have my opinions about the kind of boys and men that enjoy/excel as a boy scout of America. I will leave it at that. Andrew was so busy with work and then left out of town so it was just me to help Dallin. I wanted him to choose the design and paint job ect.. You remember when you were a kid and the kids that ALWAYS won the science fair were the ones where the parents did everything. If you asked the kid they might have been allowed to glue on a slip of paper that said their name to the poster board but that was it. Well thats how it goes for these car competitions. The kids who have engineer dads win and odds are the father did allot of the work. Its life its all good so whatever. But my stance has always been let the kids do it.
I do blame his uncles for part of why his car didn't go fast. He was up front with us from the start that he knew it be slow but his uncles drive trucks. Hell we live in Texas and he thinks trucks are pretty cool. His car did not go fast at ALL. In fact he was crossing his fingers that they wouldn't call him up to race his car again. He was a good sport about it. I think .... Lord knows that your kids always come back to you when they turn 30 and claim you didn't REALLY let them open up about their feelings of loss over the Pine Wood Derby...and the next thing you know you are on the Dr. Phil show trying to act like you did care blah blah blah. I gave him a huge bowl of ice cream at home. I know one might think that doesn't wipe away the embarrassment but UM... This was Blue Bell Suckas! Any way there is always next year and then hopefully thats it. Is that it? How many years do they do this for?


I love it when kids are first learning how to read and write. Addie started reading on her own this summer but then you take it to the next level. Sounding out the words can only get you so far cause the English language doesn't sound at all like the words are spelled. You have to memorize the words that are spelled in a crazy way or you won't ever say them right. I will admit that though I have an easy time with proper grammar and sentence structure I still have to look up words allot cause I can't remember how to spell them. I saw this picture Addie drew and I thought it was too cute.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fun Saturday!

Today I had allot going on but it was fun. And I kind of like it more than just sitting around. In the morning Dallin went to work on his Pine Wood Derby car at this guy in our ward's house. Which I love that he was willing to help out because I have no idea how to help Dallin with that sort of thing and Andrew has been way way busy at work. Then the Addie had Piano and then pictures for soccer followed by her soccer game at the exact same time as Olivia's soccer game (no worries though the fields were side by side) and after the game I had to volunteer at the concession stand for an hour. My parents came to help me and it turned out to be a great day. The best part was when we played baseball with Dallin and my dad started hitting. He hit like 8 home runs in a row! He was actually really good back in the day. But he was so animated and funny. I really do love that about my family. I can have more fun with them than any one else. Andrew's family makes me feel like I am at a funeral they are so high strung and most mormons can suck the life out of a room in t-minus 5 seconds. But I love hanging with my peeps! The only hard part was having to drive to the street behind us to pick up and find the home run balls. Remember how we talked about baseball being expensive? Well the balls that go to this pitching machine are $15 for 3!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Whats been keeping me busy?

I decided to get a job but it had to be a job that would allow me to be there for my kids especially in the summer time. So I went with being a group fitness instructor. Its something I have a passion for so why the hell not? I have been going to Les Mills classes since I moved to Texas and was a bit intimidated by them but thought I would give it a try. I just completed a 3 day training for their body pump class and it was crazy intense. Now I am working on finishing the last part which is to send in a video of me teaching a class to complete my certification. Its been one of the hardest things to do. They are very picky about form and being in great shape. I am required to do all my push ups on my toes and to load up my weight with enough that any man could take the class and feel proud to be pumping iron right along with me. I am sooo close to being ready to film. If you have not been to one of the Les Mills classes you should check them out. They are killer! And thats what I love! A good work out. (sorry I look so ugly in the pics but I had no makeup on and was working on the certification part)