Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pine Wood Derby

Well tonight was the pine wood derby race. And let me just start off by saying how proud I am of myself for being willing to even help. I have my opinions about the kind of boys and men that enjoy/excel as a boy scout of America. I will leave it at that. Andrew was so busy with work and then left out of town so it was just me to help Dallin. I wanted him to choose the design and paint job ect.. You remember when you were a kid and the kids that ALWAYS won the science fair were the ones where the parents did everything. If you asked the kid they might have been allowed to glue on a slip of paper that said their name to the poster board but that was it. Well thats how it goes for these car competitions. The kids who have engineer dads win and odds are the father did allot of the work. Its life its all good so whatever. But my stance has always been let the kids do it.
I do blame his uncles for part of why his car didn't go fast. He was up front with us from the start that he knew it be slow but his uncles drive trucks. Hell we live in Texas and he thinks trucks are pretty cool. His car did not go fast at ALL. In fact he was crossing his fingers that they wouldn't call him up to race his car again. He was a good sport about it. I think .... Lord knows that your kids always come back to you when they turn 30 and claim you didn't REALLY let them open up about their feelings of loss over the Pine Wood Derby...and the next thing you know you are on the Dr. Phil show trying to act like you did care blah blah blah. I gave him a huge bowl of ice cream at home. I know one might think that doesn't wipe away the embarrassment but UM... This was Blue Bell Suckas! Any way there is always next year and then hopefully thats it. Is that it? How many years do they do this for?

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