Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fun Saturday!

Today I had allot going on but it was fun. And I kind of like it more than just sitting around. In the morning Dallin went to work on his Pine Wood Derby car at this guy in our ward's house. Which I love that he was willing to help out because I have no idea how to help Dallin with that sort of thing and Andrew has been way way busy at work. Then the Addie had Piano and then pictures for soccer followed by her soccer game at the exact same time as Olivia's soccer game (no worries though the fields were side by side) and after the game I had to volunteer at the concession stand for an hour. My parents came to help me and it turned out to be a great day. The best part was when we played baseball with Dallin and my dad started hitting. He hit like 8 home runs in a row! He was actually really good back in the day. But he was so animated and funny. I really do love that about my family. I can have more fun with them than any one else. Andrew's family makes me feel like I am at a funeral they are so high strung and most mormons can suck the life out of a room in t-minus 5 seconds. But I love hanging with my peeps! The only hard part was having to drive to the street behind us to pick up and find the home run balls. Remember how we talked about baseball being expensive? Well the balls that go to this pitching machine are $15 for 3!

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