Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Dallin had a baseball tournament this last weekend. And it was crazy fun to watch. These little kids played their little hearts out. I was so proud of them. And to see them cry when they lost in round 3 and didn't make it to the finals was all I needed to inspire me to do better in my daily endeavors. I love sports ! I know they make kids better at everything in life. To push your self physically is the best way to build character. I don't want my boys at home wasting away in front of video games. I have a video clip of one of Dallin's home runs (although you can't see where to ball goes and I stopped before he reached 2nd base. At least you can see that he has a great swing. No worries though he has another tournament this weekend so maybe I will get a better clip then.

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Jed and Rachel said...

He looks so freaking cute in his baseball uniform!