Monday, June 29, 2009

Hey Cupcake!

If you ever are in Austin you have to go to Hey Cupcake! Every one told us that over and over. The cupcakes are so huge and the frosting is thick with cute vintage designs. It fits right in with all the other crazy things in the South Congress part of town. There town Moto is we are weird and proud of it.

Guitar Shorty (Jimi Hendrix's brother in law)

Andrew and I went to downtown Austin this past weekend. Austin is best know for its live music and good bar-b-que. We have been to three famous bar-b-que places and each was killer. Then this past weekend we went downtown for the live music and eclectic shops. I grew up loving blues and guitar. So we went to the continental club and listened to Guitar Shorty play. Playing guitar is a type of genius. This guy was amazing. And the atmosphere was so fun. I danced. Andrew not so much. He came down off the stage and played right in front of us and he even played the guitar with his mouth at one point. There is so much more to see that we will just have to keep going back again and again. One really cool thing was the bats. Under the main bridge that crosses over lake travis is thousands and thousands of bats. They fly out around sun set to feed and its so incredible how fast they fly without hitting each other. Sooo much fun! I cant wait to go again.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Enjoy !

I know my friends wanted to see our diggs and since I am bored I thought I would post some pictures. I remember when Andrew and I first met I thought a $5,000.00 piece of art work should be a staple in every home. He looked at me like he might have me turned into the loony bin. So we have had a few fights and the compromise is Target. At least until he makes partner and then hopefully it will be pottery barn. (knock on wood) I don't think it looks great I still have some (cheap) art work to buy and a few more projects in the making but I know most of my peeps want to visit and I thought I would save you the air fare. Addie and Olivia's rooms are not ready for pics yet. But I will post later with those. I refuse to paint this time. For one the ceilings are much higher so it would be crazy. But I think every first time home owner gets the buzz for painting and then they do it and it sucks and so they never want to paint again. I didnt like the color in the front room of my old house but never changed it cause painting sucks! If your bored and have nothing better to do than by all means scroll down and enjoy. I checked and home and garden television turned me down for a one hour special tour of our mansion. But never fear I have the exclusive pictures right here.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

master bedroom

No big deal. we kept our bedroom set we just changed out the bedding. I got such a screamin deal for it I just couldn't help myself. My mom made the valances out of the bed skirt that we didnt need cause of the side rails. There are six windows in the whole room so it really saved me money there as well. I need all the guys out there to tell Andrew its not too feminine at all. (he could really use the boost)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Moved In!

We have officially moved in to our new home. All of our new furniture arrived last Thursday and today the cable guy came so it officially official. We have some issues to address right out the gates. For one I had to scoop a birds nest out of the vent over the stove. I have dealt with birds before. So this time as the babies were falling to the ground chirping so innocent and cute I felt nothing. And the lawn needs some help. Its pretty dry and there are a few bare patches. But the back yard is huge. And the kids are happy to each have their own room.
I will take more pics of the inside as I get more organized.