Monday, June 29, 2009

Guitar Shorty (Jimi Hendrix's brother in law)

Andrew and I went to downtown Austin this past weekend. Austin is best know for its live music and good bar-b-que. We have been to three famous bar-b-que places and each was killer. Then this past weekend we went downtown for the live music and eclectic shops. I grew up loving blues and guitar. So we went to the continental club and listened to Guitar Shorty play. Playing guitar is a type of genius. This guy was amazing. And the atmosphere was so fun. I danced. Andrew not so much. He came down off the stage and played right in front of us and he even played the guitar with his mouth at one point. There is so much more to see that we will just have to keep going back again and again. One really cool thing was the bats. Under the main bridge that crosses over lake travis is thousands and thousands of bats. They fly out around sun set to feed and its so incredible how fast they fly without hitting each other. Sooo much fun! I cant wait to go again.

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