Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Moved In!

We have officially moved in to our new home. All of our new furniture arrived last Thursday and today the cable guy came so it officially official. We have some issues to address right out the gates. For one I had to scoop a birds nest out of the vent over the stove. I have dealt with birds before. So this time as the babies were falling to the ground chirping so innocent and cute I felt nothing. And the lawn needs some help. Its pretty dry and there are a few bare patches. But the back yard is huge. And the kids are happy to each have their own room.
I will take more pics of the inside as I get more organized.


Rachel said...

This looks awesome. Can't wait to see some more pics. I should probably post some of our house, but its not this exciting.

Tricia Lee Riggio said...

that looks great Camille. Can't wait to see the inside! Guess what? I am pregnant!!!! Sad you won't be here to see me gain back my 15 lbs. Love ya.

Camille Bassett Weeks said...

How exciting. Thats great that your prego. You have such cute kids.