Monday, March 24, 2008


I was going to take my kids to get easter pictures after my failed attempt a few days ago, but they went all ghetto on me. Olivia gave Addie a black eye and then proceeded to scratch little claw marks into Addie's face. Then Dallin fell out of the a swing and landed on his back scratching it on some rocks. He also lost his front tooth by getting punched in the face a couple of days prior. And while I was busy getting ready for church he found a pop tarts tattoo and put it on by himself. Olivia had nasty hair cause she had bubbles all over in it. And I left the cute sandals that matched their dresses at a birthday party so I had them wearing black worn down christmas shoes.
I felt so Ghetto walking my kids into church on Easter Sunday. Needless to say there will not be pictures at a studio till I can get a handle on my parenting. Clearly I am off some where chillin if all this stuff was allowed to happen. (or maybe my husband could step in at some point while I am showering and say "hey kids lets not beat the shit out of each other cause I know how important it is for mom that we look cute at church") (just a thought)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lost a tooth a little early

Dallin came home holding a very bloody tissue to his front teeth. He said he was play fighting with a friend and it got out of hand. I am not sure how kids play fight but my son must fight like a trojan cause he got socked so hard his front two teeth were dangling there. They are fake teeth that I paid a ton of money for cause I was bad and having him brush, but all the same he lost them. I took him to the dentist and he said that he was going to loose them soon enough the punch just helped the process along. He pulled one and the other one is going to fall out any day now.
At the end of a long day at the dentist. I had to go to the store and play tooth fairy (he got a transformer). Never a dull moment at this house. If there were I would probably use it unwisely and end up pregnant again.

Friday, March 14, 2008


I never take my kids to a photo studio cause I am always so embarrassed at how they wont cooperate. And I wont pay the high killer prices professional photographers charge cause I want to pay for my kids to go to college. What am I going to say. Sorry you cant go to Stanford son (a girl can dream) we dont have the money, but here are some cute pictures of you when you were 5. Don't we all know people who have hand me down nasty living room furniture and mis matched kitchen chairs so they could afford the huge professionally photographed picture on their wall.
The thing is all my hair is falling out cause I cant get a good picture to save my life. And clearly my kids are not interested in saving my life.
My sister bought the kids their Easter outfits this year and I wanted to get a cute picture. I tried doing really funny things that you see the picture guy that comes to school do. And they just looked confused. Then I tried freaking them out by saying things very loud so they would look in the general direction of the camera. Nothing would get a good picture out of them. I feel like they have little meetings together at night while I am asleep and plan this stuff out.
Any one know of a cheap place to go? Hell I don't care if its Wal Mart and there is some giant scary Easter Bunny looming over them in the background.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Anybody need help putting your kids to bed?

My sister visits often. She loves my kids and cant get enough of them. I on the other hand wake up around 7 am and at about 9:30 have had enough of them. The best part is when she is here they fall asleep so fast and don't get out of bed once. Most nights they ask for a drink of water several times. They get up to go to the bathroom 3 times and Olivia can always be found playing with their little kitchen at all hours of the night. But for some reason they are exhausted when she is here. Check out the video clips and see if you can figure out why. The funniest part is that Annette is just as tired. Her head hits the pillow and within seconds she is gone.


For My Birthday

For my Birthday Annette babysat while Andrew and I went out to dinner. We went to the White Chocolate Grill and the food was to die for. But dont worry about the kids feeling left out. Annette made brownies and Mac and Cheese. Dallin didnt like her Mac and Cheese but they all loved her frosted brownies. Especially Olivia. She had three helpings. And I don't blame her. I had five helpings for breakfast the next day.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Addie Goes to Ride a Big Horse

Aunt Annette is in town and because she is I have more time and energy to do things with the kids that I normally would never dream of doing. Sometimes it also because I simply cant with all four of the kids by my self.
Any way we drove up to the White Tank Mountains and paid for Addie to ride a horse. She was very excited and happy. She is absolutely in love with horses.

She is a ridin

Addie Got to ride a horse

Here is a video clip of her riding. She is so light weight that when the horse sneezed she flew off like a wrag doll. But she held onto the reins and didnt hit the ground like a true cowgirl.