Monday, March 24, 2008


I was going to take my kids to get easter pictures after my failed attempt a few days ago, but they went all ghetto on me. Olivia gave Addie a black eye and then proceeded to scratch little claw marks into Addie's face. Then Dallin fell out of the a swing and landed on his back scratching it on some rocks. He also lost his front tooth by getting punched in the face a couple of days prior. And while I was busy getting ready for church he found a pop tarts tattoo and put it on by himself. Olivia had nasty hair cause she had bubbles all over in it. And I left the cute sandals that matched their dresses at a birthday party so I had them wearing black worn down christmas shoes.
I felt so Ghetto walking my kids into church on Easter Sunday. Needless to say there will not be pictures at a studio till I can get a handle on my parenting. Clearly I am off some where chillin if all this stuff was allowed to happen. (or maybe my husband could step in at some point while I am showering and say "hey kids lets not beat the shit out of each other cause I know how important it is for mom that we look cute at church") (just a thought)


sean and lynsee said...

I wish I could have seen your family on Easter Sunday. I bet they looked great! The question is, how did you look?

Spencer and Heather Riddle said...

You make me laugh hysterically!Everything sounds so dramatic at your house. By how you describe your days, I am seriously thinking twice about having another one! ;0)

Shawn said...

You're kids were adorable! You're crazy! I'm such a bad mom I totally spaced on getting pictures of my kids in their Easter outfits, and now I want to dress them up again and pretend it's Easter again to get some pictures...hehe