Friday, March 14, 2008


I never take my kids to a photo studio cause I am always so embarrassed at how they wont cooperate. And I wont pay the high killer prices professional photographers charge cause I want to pay for my kids to go to college. What am I going to say. Sorry you cant go to Stanford son (a girl can dream) we dont have the money, but here are some cute pictures of you when you were 5. Don't we all know people who have hand me down nasty living room furniture and mis matched kitchen chairs so they could afford the huge professionally photographed picture on their wall.
The thing is all my hair is falling out cause I cant get a good picture to save my life. And clearly my kids are not interested in saving my life.
My sister bought the kids their Easter outfits this year and I wanted to get a cute picture. I tried doing really funny things that you see the picture guy that comes to school do. And they just looked confused. Then I tried freaking them out by saying things very loud so they would look in the general direction of the camera. Nothing would get a good picture out of them. I feel like they have little meetings together at night while I am asleep and plan this stuff out.
Any one know of a cheap place to go? Hell I don't care if its Wal Mart and there is some giant scary Easter Bunny looming over them in the background.


Anonymous said...

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The Albertsen Family said...

Target has served us well and you get a free 8x10 just for going. If you want help Noelle and I will go with you. We're ready for the 2 yr old pic anyway.

Jed & Rachel said...

The kids look really cute! JCPenny is pretty cheep if you print the coupon off the internet. 3.99 a sheet with no sitting fee and a free 8x10!

Rizley Family said...

You are hilarious! I am impressed you even try. All the pictures I have of my kids are of them running away from the camera.

Jed & Rachel said...


The girls look so beautiful, but so indifferent to having their photo taken. Dallin is such a goof ball. I can't wait to see them again.

Shawn said...

I really like JC Penney, they are a little pricy at times, but you can usually get a good deal if you get their packages.