Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Baseball Season 2013

Baseball season is in full swing. Last year Dallin played select which cost a fortune and he hated the pressure. He is really really good and so naturally we wanted to give him a good avenue for such talent but he doesn't like baseball as much as football. In fact he doesn't want to play....but he really is so good at it I can't let him stop. So this year we went back to Sam Bass. No pressure just a bunch of friends goofing off. I hope this season will help him learn to love the game again and just have fun. Derek started his first year of T-Ball. Its so stinken cute to see him out there going hard. Several times he has told us after his game "this is the BEST day EVER!" I brought Addie this last week to work concessions with me. Love baseball season :) You tube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhbtn1zJo3k

Olivia turns 7

Olivia just turned 7. Because our week was so busy with Karate testing, baseball games, work, and me trying to finish my GRIT video, we were not able to come up with a huge party for her. But we still did a bunch of fun stuff. For one I had her brother and dad carry her down the stairs in the morning like a Princess. She had a fun pancake breakfast with candles on her pancakes. Donuts for her school class. And she got the present she has been wanting for forever! She has been begging for it since before Christmas. But when she found it in the garden shed from Santa around Christmas time, we had to take it back. When she got home from school and saw it, she was screaming she was so excited to see the little kitchen for her American Girl doll. My sister flies in to town tomorrow and we will celebrate with another Chuck E Cheese party. She is getting so good at Gymnastics. She is so popular at school. She even has a little boyfriend named Mathew and she is reading like a champ. We love you Olivia! Click on this You Tube link for video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5-kYjTY2uM

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Easter 2013

It was a ton of fun. My whole family came to my house. We started with Kite flying and rocket launching. It was way cool cause I have never had that much success flying a kite before. As a kid I would run my little ass off and turn around to just watch the kite dive bomb and hit the ground. My brother got the fish kite miles up in the sky. We just kept on adding string. Then we had KFC and Pork ribs from the grill. I am always willing to open my home. But I am terrible at hosting. My sister Annette stepped in and made that meal possible. Then that night Annette had a glow in the dark egg hunt planned. It was a smash hit with the kids. I am sure we will do it every year now. The next day was my dads egg hunt. Dallin won the golden egg in the final round and Addie fell down pretty hard. My dad loves that kind of drama so I am 100% sure he was happy. Any time some one cries in one of his hunts he gets happy. This the statement he reads off before the egg hunt begins and he explains the point system........Disclaimer- Due to the violent obsessive nature of this hunt, parental discretion is advised. Much of the content is not suitable to the faint of heart and you can expect scenes of violence mixed with adult language and even obscenity. Tears are absolutely prohibited! That pretty much sums it up. I could see Addie try to choke back her tears. Its crazy being a part of this family but I love it.

Cat Luvs Dog

Gorgia has actually killed a cat before. It happened on a walk and Andrew and I were freaked out. We fled the scene of the crime cause we weren't sure who the cat belonged to and were afraid Gorgia would have to be put the sleep. She loves hunting and killing anything that moves. Who ever owned her before must have trained her to do that. I watched her kill a chicken that got out of a neighbors fence and then eat it. Yuck. Not to mention the number of our own pet hamsters she has killed when they get out of their cage. Naturally we were very worried about getting a cat for the kids. So we went pretty cheap just in case it should die. I know that sounds awful but work with me here. We only allowed her around it at first when we were present. And if she attacked we would jump in and scold her and place her in time out. Something that is impossible to do if she is outside running around. Eventually she caught on and now they are best best pals. The cat will come up and nibble on Gorgia's ear and she lays there all sweet and gentle. They chase each other and play all day and snuggle together to sleep every night. You can teach and old dog new tricks folks!

Uncle Field

His name is Phil. But Olivia has always called him field and its pretty darn funny. He is by far my favorite on Andrews side of the family! (do you love my honesty here? lol) No but seriously he is so oh oh oh good with kids. He loves to play board games (something I loath) and wrestle (oh so gentle). My kids think he is super cool. We had so much fun with him. He always has to get gallons and gallons of BlueBell ice cream when he comes. An addiction he started on his mission in Texas and one he has never been able to shake. We had a bunch of kids that are friends with my kids over and it was crazy how it went from hamburgers to dancing just like that. Copy and paste the links to watch video of the fun http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bAtG3yKO_qQ&feature=youtu.be http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10200926976120646&set=vb.1352901591&type=3&theater

Campout April 2013

First campout in our new back yard. We have lived here a while but we kind of ignored the back yard till last month. We did a bunch of yard work recently. Adding new mulch, planting a vegetable garden, buying patio furniture etc... Standing back looking at our hard work we decided it was time to finally enjoy our back yard...So we made a fire and had a back yard campout. My favorite kind, cause it much much less packing than real camping. I told one of the best ghost stories of all time. The kids were freaked out and could hardly sleep. Some times I am sitting there and lies are spewing out of my mouth and its almost like I am another person watching myself from the side and I am amazed and how it just flows with minimal effort. I am the best at lying. Which in turn makes me the best at story telling. Most Mormon people are stunned that I am proud of this. But they can just sit up there on their high horse while I get out of a speeding ticket or higher interest rate at the car dealership!