Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Olivia turns 7

Olivia just turned 7. Because our week was so busy with Karate testing, baseball games, work, and me trying to finish my GRIT video, we were not able to come up with a huge party for her. But we still did a bunch of fun stuff. For one I had her brother and dad carry her down the stairs in the morning like a Princess. She had a fun pancake breakfast with candles on her pancakes. Donuts for her school class. And she got the present she has been wanting for forever! She has been begging for it since before Christmas. But when she found it in the garden shed from Santa around Christmas time, we had to take it back. When she got home from school and saw it, she was screaming she was so excited to see the little kitchen for her American Girl doll. My sister flies in to town tomorrow and we will celebrate with another Chuck E Cheese party. She is getting so good at Gymnastics. She is so popular at school. She even has a little boyfriend named Mathew and she is reading like a champ. We love you Olivia! Click on this You Tube link for video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5-kYjTY2uM

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