Sunday, April 7, 2013

Easter 2013

It was a ton of fun. My whole family came to my house. We started with Kite flying and rocket launching. It was way cool cause I have never had that much success flying a kite before. As a kid I would run my little ass off and turn around to just watch the kite dive bomb and hit the ground. My brother got the fish kite miles up in the sky. We just kept on adding string. Then we had KFC and Pork ribs from the grill. I am always willing to open my home. But I am terrible at hosting. My sister Annette stepped in and made that meal possible. Then that night Annette had a glow in the dark egg hunt planned. It was a smash hit with the kids. I am sure we will do it every year now. The next day was my dads egg hunt. Dallin won the golden egg in the final round and Addie fell down pretty hard. My dad loves that kind of drama so I am 100% sure he was happy. Any time some one cries in one of his hunts he gets happy. This the statement he reads off before the egg hunt begins and he explains the point system........Disclaimer- Due to the violent obsessive nature of this hunt, parental discretion is advised. Much of the content is not suitable to the faint of heart and you can expect scenes of violence mixed with adult language and even obscenity. Tears are absolutely prohibited! That pretty much sums it up. I could see Addie try to choke back her tears. Its crazy being a part of this family but I love it.

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