Sunday, April 7, 2013

Campout April 2013

First campout in our new back yard. We have lived here a while but we kind of ignored the back yard till last month. We did a bunch of yard work recently. Adding new mulch, planting a vegetable garden, buying patio furniture etc... Standing back looking at our hard work we decided it was time to finally enjoy our back yard...So we made a fire and had a back yard campout. My favorite kind, cause it much much less packing than real camping. I told one of the best ghost stories of all time. The kids were freaked out and could hardly sleep. Some times I am sitting there and lies are spewing out of my mouth and its almost like I am another person watching myself from the side and I am amazed and how it just flows with minimal effort. I am the best at lying. Which in turn makes me the best at story telling. Most Mormon people are stunned that I am proud of this. But they can just sit up there on their high horse while I get out of a speeding ticket or higher interest rate at the car dealership!

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