Sunday, April 7, 2013

Cat Luvs Dog

Gorgia has actually killed a cat before. It happened on a walk and Andrew and I were freaked out. We fled the scene of the crime cause we weren't sure who the cat belonged to and were afraid Gorgia would have to be put the sleep. She loves hunting and killing anything that moves. Who ever owned her before must have trained her to do that. I watched her kill a chicken that got out of a neighbors fence and then eat it. Yuck. Not to mention the number of our own pet hamsters she has killed when they get out of their cage. Naturally we were very worried about getting a cat for the kids. So we went pretty cheap just in case it should die. I know that sounds awful but work with me here. We only allowed her around it at first when we were present. And if she attacked we would jump in and scold her and place her in time out. Something that is impossible to do if she is outside running around. Eventually she caught on and now they are best best pals. The cat will come up and nibble on Gorgia's ear and she lays there all sweet and gentle. They chase each other and play all day and snuggle together to sleep every night. You can teach and old dog new tricks folks!

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