Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hawaiian Falls

I heard a commercial about it over the radio one day and was surprised cause I didn't know we had a waterpark that close. It was pretty cool and oddly enough my sister and I were able to find coupons on the internet the night before and saved about $60. The little ones (Olivia and Derek) loved the wave pool. We had to beg them to get out and try the water slides. All my kids are at a good age for this sort of thing. It always is rough when one kid isn't tall enough to go on a waterslide but this time they ALL got to take part in the fun. Def something we will do again!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

4th of JULY 2013

I did not take pictures. I couldn't find my phone all day. But it was a really really fun day. Thanks to Annette of course. We drove up to the parade site the night before so the next morning would run smoothly. I woke up at 5 am and drove my dads truck to the lake then ran home so we would get a good spot for the Pflugerville fireworks that night. It turns out I didn't really need to do that but that's how you learn right? You try it and whatever doesn't work, do not do it next year. That's my philosophy at least. We had red white and blue waffles for breakfast and then headed to the parade. It was mainly cars and motorcycles, no floats, with a few church groups riding on a trailer throwing out candy. But my little nephew Cole was on cloud nine. He thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. If the kids are happy I'm Happy. We went back to the house and the kids played on the tramp with the hose and then came inside and played some more. While they were doing that me and Annette were dropping off coolers full of food at the lake for later that night. By far the BEST part was Annette bought a canopy with a shade wall. At 4 pm we rode buses to our already parked cars and then set up camp with that bad boy and everyone was in heaven. The shade it provided was so so nice. Plus we bought those cool towels and that really helped cool people down. The kids swam in the lake. Annette and I went canoeing. We bought funnel cakes and corn on the cob from local vendors. Then at 9 pm- FIREWORKS! I have to say the fireworks show was really awesome. I am very impressed with what the small town of Pflugerville pulled off. Derek said he has day dreams about the fireworks display. Very fun -exhausting day. We did really well planning it out, with very few adjustments to make next year.

Aunt Net and Rella running the show

That's right folks. My little sister let Peyton come up to my house for a sleep over for two whole nights in a row! She really didn't want it to happen. But Becka knew me and Annette would talk shit about her all year long if she bailed out on us (talking behind each others backs is how my family handles our beefs with each other. We met half way to pick Peyton up in San Antonio. My brother and his family met us at Chuky Cheese to have fun before we got back in the car to head home. She didn't cry for her mom once. She had tons of fun. She loves her cousins and couldn't get enough playing time in with them. Meanwhile back in Corpus Becka was a nervous wreak but... O WELL!. I am not sure if she will ever get to come back for a sleepover again. That's why I am putting this post up for the record books. There were a few late night runs to Mcdonalds or Chick Fil-A and maybe a little scare of pinworm from the gym childcare. But any one that deals with children knows this is all normal stuff. There is nothing these two aunts can't handle!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

All Star Baseball

Dallin made the All Star team again. Which basically is just non stop baseball all the time for the whole month of June. We knew this going into it...and yet we are always exhausted after the first weekend thinking how can we keep this up all month? My dad of course was there. It made Dallin extra high strung and nervous. I asked him one night at the dinner table why he kept getting so upset he told me his Grandpa is what makes him worry. He then told me a story about one day when his grandpa Bassett took him out to practice catching and he kept missing the ball. He said Grandpa Bassett told him "to start catching EVERYTHING or he was going to kick his ass". He had huge eyes loaded with fear as he tells me this story. I start laughing inside cause I know my dad and his intimidation tactics. And I am shocked that again yet another young boy has been scared shitless by them. I asked Dallin "so what did you DO?". He says "I stared catching everything and saved my own life"!!! So so so funny. One day when he is a grown man and he wishes he could skip going in to his mundane job to be a kid again and just play baseball all day, his heart will be full of gratitude for what his Grandpa taught him. Long story short. He played really REALLY well. We had several people come up and tell us he was going to be in the major leagues one day they were that impressed. He improved so much in that one month I am going to call in a WIN WIN(even though it was a hot hot month full of exhausting long weekends).

The lemonade stand

Always very fun to do in the summer time. Addie had the idea and I bought all the supplies. The kids were so good about standing with their signs and drawing in traffic. I was so proud of them. They earned $80 over two days. I only let them stay out there a couple hours per day cause of the heat. I figured out the best recipe for ice cold lemonade. Though my kids are cute and that made people want to buy. Its was my lemonade that kept them coming back ;)