Saturday, July 24, 2010

We went to the Park

Another boring day so we headed to the park. No majorly fun family vacations to blog about but the park is pretty much as fun as Disneyland. Minus the laughter, cheer, Mickey Mouse, and incredibly fun rides.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Grandpa Bassett

I love Derek's face when he watches my dad gut the fish.

My dad has found a new passion for fishing at the pond down the street. He catches around 10 to 15 fish every time and drops twice that many trying to reel them in over the logs and mossy parts. Each of the kids got a cute new pole and loved going with him to fish. Recently he fell in the weight room at work and it caused a huge blood clot in his leg. After they removed the clot there was a melon sized hole in his leg and they could not repair the skin. So they had to leave the wound open. He has type 2 diabetes and what should have been a couple of days has turned into weeks of him being in the hospital. He does not heal as quick or well as others and his risk of infection could be fatal. I was so worried at one point they thought he might loose his leg. I couldnt stand the thought of him coming out of surgery and having to tell him that. Its very sad to think we could loose him at such a young age. I hope he makes it through this and changes his diet. Right now his kidneys are not doing well cause his body is fighting so hard to heal. I know my kids are dying to go fishing with him again. Please keep him in your prayers.

Lots of Lakes

There are so many lakes in Austin its a little out of hand. Some are so big I can't tell where they end and start. You could be at one lake and travel 20 miles and think your at a new lake but its really still the one lake you were at before. So don't ask me which lake I was at cause I have no clue. My friend asked me to go to Emma Long Park with her to hang out for the day. Her kids babysit my kids and I knew it would be a nice break. We spent the whole day there and re applied sunblock 4 times only to still be sunburned and have all of our major orfaces full of sand the next day. Sooo much fun!

Austin Park

Its you'r typical mini golf place with bumper boats and go carts that costs an arm and a leg only to have a drama queen daughter that refuses to ride the rides. Well too bad cause once I pay there is no way you can pull any excuse from anywhere and have it work on me. I don't even care if you have cancer your going to ride! We went when aunt Net was in town and the first day it got rained out (cash in the rain checks). A few days later we tried to go again and there was this lady standing in front of the building saying if you donate blood you get in for free. So I was up in the ghetto bus answering a million questions about if I was in France or the Virgin Islnads between 1985 and 1996 just so I could take over an hour and come out to another down pour. No rain checks this time around we just headed home. But Andrew got some good picks while I was squeezing the stess ball and saving lives for NOTHING!!!!

Slip and Slide

We tried the whole slip and slide thing this year and it was not as much fun as I remember it was when I was a kid. It could be that we were hard up for fun cause my mom never took us to the local pool or any where fun. Or maybe my kids are high maintenance and pampered. Its possible too that they just dont make them the way they used to. I am not sure what went wrong. But I bought two different ones and went down the check list 1-Put in on a slope so you go faster 2- Make sure no fat kids use it (if you want to know why you can ask me) 3- Add a little baby shampoo to make it extra slippery. And no luck. The kids went all of 2 inches and then complained that they wanted to go back inside. I hate days where you are sure that you are the coolest mom on the planet and your kids are like this SUCKS!. Whatever I have already trashed it and moved on.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Desperate Housewives

Love Love love this show. Not the one with actors on ABC NBC whatever. The real deal on Bravo. I started with the housewives of Orange County and now I am hooked on the housewives on New York and Jersey. Why? Because its EXACTLY how women act and its the best representation of how catty and bitchy they can be. Before you go off to your BS fairy land and act like you have never participated in this sort of back stabbing behavior I beg you to check between your legs and if you have female body parts you most deffinatly have participated. The whole idea though is to get better at playing the game. Most girls start in highschool and have become professionals by the time they have their first child. Other women were awkward in highschool and have worked their way into being pretty decent and getting better each day.
All women are in competion with other women. We don't want to be pretty for our husbands or well read for our children's sake we simply want to be better than other women. Where it can get a little out of hand is weight loss and beauty. Cause lets face it we are not all born with natural beauty. The best way to piss off any of your enemies is to loose weight. Write this down ladies cause I am giving you pointers. How can you play the game well??? Simply don't take it too seriously. If you get to the point where you feel the need to point out to one of your friends that you think she talks behind other peoples backs well then congrats you just lost the game and you are now going to turn into the "Pshyco Bitch" that NO ONE likes. "wait people like me. dont they?" Ummmmmm NO! they pretend to to avoid your wrath. Don't beleive me just check out the show. Within min you will be able to recognize who their CRAZY is in the mix. Not to mention your not paying attention to how involved every one else is in doing the same thing that you hate about this one chick. That or your much much uglier than her. Either way you haver to focus. Cause every one is talking behind each others back. Every female does it and its a given. There is no way you can try to sink a ship without going down with it yourself. Don't do this. Trust me. Just up your game a little bit. If you get selfrighteous your just begging for failure. And for Gods sake don't cry. Thats so stupid. If you can backstab and maipulate you don't need to put on the water works we all know its BS and it makes you look like you need medication. The best of the best never look like they need medication. Even with post partum depression and a diet of celery sticks they can hold up in front of others. Keeps your wits about you. Never name names! If you heard a rumor don't mention who told you cause I promise its been twisted and changed to the point where if the person you told goes back to the source to ask questions you will look like the person that made up lies. Always act like you know nothing when people are talking about the latest gossip. Make sure when you confide in people you know they are emotionally mature enough to handle the information. Some women with lower IQs tend to go crazy with gossip (like a kid in the candy store). And if your playing both sides. Then be discrete about it. Don't blog about your close friends cool giveaway when you know just months ago you had nothing good to say about her with the other women. If you do this then you won't be close to any one cause they see you as a liability. And once they notice your playing both sides don't expect much at your next baby shower. Duh! I am just saying....... You can think what you want or come at me with some Christian holier than thou crap but I am speaking the truth and your a lost soul to think your too sweet and innocent to be catty, cruel, manipulative, and taking the diet pills (yes this also includes the holistic herbal all natural, good for your body kind) with a side of venom. Seriously though you should watch the show.