Sunday, July 18, 2010

Grandpa Bassett

I love Derek's face when he watches my dad gut the fish.

My dad has found a new passion for fishing at the pond down the street. He catches around 10 to 15 fish every time and drops twice that many trying to reel them in over the logs and mossy parts. Each of the kids got a cute new pole and loved going with him to fish. Recently he fell in the weight room at work and it caused a huge blood clot in his leg. After they removed the clot there was a melon sized hole in his leg and they could not repair the skin. So they had to leave the wound open. He has type 2 diabetes and what should have been a couple of days has turned into weeks of him being in the hospital. He does not heal as quick or well as others and his risk of infection could be fatal. I was so worried at one point they thought he might loose his leg. I couldnt stand the thought of him coming out of surgery and having to tell him that. Its very sad to think we could loose him at such a young age. I hope he makes it through this and changes his diet. Right now his kidneys are not doing well cause his body is fighting so hard to heal. I know my kids are dying to go fishing with him again. Please keep him in your prayers.

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