Sunday, July 18, 2010

Slip and Slide

We tried the whole slip and slide thing this year and it was not as much fun as I remember it was when I was a kid. It could be that we were hard up for fun cause my mom never took us to the local pool or any where fun. Or maybe my kids are high maintenance and pampered. Its possible too that they just dont make them the way they used to. I am not sure what went wrong. But I bought two different ones and went down the check list 1-Put in on a slope so you go faster 2- Make sure no fat kids use it (if you want to know why you can ask me) 3- Add a little baby shampoo to make it extra slippery. And no luck. The kids went all of 2 inches and then complained that they wanted to go back inside. I hate days where you are sure that you are the coolest mom on the planet and your kids are like this SUCKS!. Whatever I have already trashed it and moved on.

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