Sunday, July 18, 2010

Austin Park

Its you'r typical mini golf place with bumper boats and go carts that costs an arm and a leg only to have a drama queen daughter that refuses to ride the rides. Well too bad cause once I pay there is no way you can pull any excuse from anywhere and have it work on me. I don't even care if you have cancer your going to ride! We went when aunt Net was in town and the first day it got rained out (cash in the rain checks). A few days later we tried to go again and there was this lady standing in front of the building saying if you donate blood you get in for free. So I was up in the ghetto bus answering a million questions about if I was in France or the Virgin Islnads between 1985 and 1996 just so I could take over an hour and come out to another down pour. No rain checks this time around we just headed home. But Andrew got some good picks while I was squeezing the stess ball and saving lives for NOTHING!!!!

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