Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Camping without Mom

Andrew had the week off. It has been the only time off he has had in a long time. And he wanted to go camping. So he checked out some spots on the web and then called and reserved one. I was in one of my famous moods so I threw a huge fit about how much work it is for me to pack and get ready. Being an educated man he decided to pack everything and get all that we need ready and loaded by himself while I watched my DVR recordings of Oprah and American Idol. That way I couldnt possibly be upset right? So then I had a HISSY FIT over the fact that he went to the store and got everything ready without me. If you were to ask my family though they might say --hissy fit-- is a massive understatement. But thats just too bad cause I am the blogger here so I get to tell the story from my perspective. Any way I refused to go thinking my husband would sweep me up in his arms and lay me down on my bed, give me a foot massage then paint my toe nails an adorable pink and I could forgive him. Being an accountant he choose not to loose the $30 on the reservation and went ahead and took the kids without me. Please note as well that none of the kids choose to side with me and stay home standing up to the injustice that I had to endure.
Bottom line---they had a miserable time without me as the pictures will show and the camping spot was a complete dive. In the end I win every time and don't you ever ever forget it!


Stephanie said...

What a gift you were given. I hope you forgave your husband! A whole night away from three kids??? That's gotta be just as good as adorably pink toes!

You are too cute!

Shayla said...

You have by far the most entertaining blog to read!!! I'm so glad you called the other night so that we could catch up. Your family is SO CUTE, and I'm not just saying that either.
Sounds like you got a pretty sweet deal, home without the kids---nothing to stop you from sleeping in, oh wait, there is the baby, but one is SO much easier than 4!
By the way, I love the term "hissy fit". It brings back so many memories of you all!! Love ya loads!!!

Shawn said...

At least you got a night away from the kids that move freely! Hurray to that!

The Albertsen Family said...

Camille, this is right up there with laying on the floor at the grocery store. Be nice to Andrew, that was nice of him to do the packing and shopping AND to go despite you not coming with him. It looks like it was a fun trip nonetheless.