Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Community

Our home is in a nice planned Community called Falcon Pointe. It has a club house and fitness center, a golf course, tennis courts, basketball courts, multiple play grounds, hiking and biking trails, and last but not least three pools. Andrew really misses having our own pool but I don't. Probably because I was the one who did the maintenance. But also because my kids would just cling to me and expect me to play all the lame pool games they would come up with off the top of their heads. I am a grown up and I can only play kid games for so long. This pool allows them to play with other kids (who are dumb enough to get suckered into these games). And because there is a baby pool and splash park I don't have to supervise the little ones like I used to. They can swim and play on their own cause the odds of drowning are far less in 1 ft deep baby pool. I am a happy camper. And Andrew is just going to have to deal!

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