Monday, January 26, 2009

Olivia's turn to Dance

Olivia asks every day when we pick Addie up from preschool if she can go to school too. Some days when I pull up at Addie's teachers house Olivia will get out of the car along with Addie and try to run in. Its tough being young and wanting to be big. So we decided it was time for her to have something all to herself so she can feel special. We could have put her in the same class as Addie (that would help me a ton) but we added another day onto our schedule of running around so she could go on her own with her little friend Noel. I have no expectations which is good cause she was crazy silly the first day. I just hope she has fun. Its odd cause she has always been willing to hang out in Addie's shadow, but when Aunt Net went to buy her her own dance clothes she had a different taste then Addie. Addie is more vintage classical Audry Hepburn and Olivia was more Punky Brewster. I love how she still has a little pot belly.

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