Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas 2013

This was one of our over the top years. Andrew got a new job and we felt very blessed which some how translated into buying allot???? We are thugs. Any way the kids got more this year. Some years we are very frugal and only buy them coloring books and clothes for school. This year its was all about fun toys. They all loved what Annette got them most. Addie wants to live with her full time and is talking with lawyers about how to persuade us to turn over our legal rights as her guardian. LOL! They each got a tablet which has been so funny to have them texting their grandpa who most of Christmas day was in the same room as them. And Olivia lost it on one of my friends on Instagram for saying she had gotten bigger. I know my parents said this about us when we were kids but its crazy how quickly kids are able to navigate thru new apps and use these devices like a boss. Next year we will go back to being Ghetto I promise. The best memories were making cookies for friends and neighbors and Puzzles. I bought a big one 500 pieces and just let it sit on the table so we could work on it while watching t.v. the kids liked it so much we bought three more!

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