Friday, April 9, 2010

Care Bear and her big Scare! (sorry I couldn't help myself)

Olivia was rough housing and she tripped over her sister Addie and fell backwards hitting the back of her head on the corner of the wall. I didn't think anything was wrong and then my sister said she needed stitches. Which reminds me I need to remember to pray today and thank the lord she was here when this all happened. I don't really remember what happened from there cause I just shut down and go into zombie mode. I know how to go through the motions in times like this but I am not totally present. I'll be damned if I work that hard and gain that much weight to have a baby and watch them be in pain like that. So I drove to the Urgent Care and handed them my insurance card and let Annette handle EVERYTHING else. I know for a fact I couldn't bear to see how deep and wide the gash was. She came out happy and calm and thats how I like em. I did hold her on my lap the next day for a long time to show her that it made me sad. She kept asking to get down and I wouldn't let her. Which is another thing she had to deal with that sucks. I have Andrew signed up to take her to get the staples out. I will be meditating by the lake pretending everything in life is ok and then I will hold her on my lap well after the fact for that painful event as well.


Stephanie said...

Ouch! I think I would have let someone else handle it, too. If it was a head wound, there was probably too much blood for me!

Glad everything's alright.

Jed and Rachel said...

The staples thing sucks!!! I'll never forget when Nolan got his.