Friday, April 30, 2010

Weird things my kids do.

Addie has this thing where she wants her name written on her drinking cup. They do it at her school and she has decided it should be done no other way. So I buy the cheap cups and keep the sharpie in the cupboard. Its not that big of a deal and I hope its just a phase.

Olivia LUVS roll-y pole-ys or pill bugs she told me that I am a mom and she is a mom too of her bugs. They poop as they walk so I always make sure to soak the dish with a little bleach before I add it to the dishwasher. But she catches two or three a day and loves them all day long. In fact we have taken her little ones out to eat before.

Derek can not relax on the toilet with his shoes on. No matter where we are! Socks and tennis shoes or flip flops. At the grocery store or out in the forest he needs to have air on his toes. So it all must come off and be put back on moments later.

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