Monday, September 7, 2009

Cowgirl Boots

Addie the horse loving cowgirl got some boots from grandma and grandpa for her birthday. If you have ever looked into buying them they are NOT cheep. Lucky girl has grandparents that love her enough to buy them. She also got a shirt and skirt to add to her look. She is ready to ride. She keeps reminding us that all we need to do now is buy a horse. Why couldn't she come to earth loving a smaller animal that poops turds not mounds.


Stephanie said...

She looks so grown-up in these pictures. I love her boots and her little cowgirl attitude.

Anonymous said...

wow i am so impressed mom did good. aunt becka has boots that look just like those. i think addie was born to be a texan. she will have to come and see uncle john soon so she can come and ride bella.

lynsee said...

Expensive, they are! I'm so glad Briggs grew out of that stage so I don't have to buy him a new pair every year!