Thursday, January 1, 2015

Thanksgiving 2014

We spent most of Thanksgiving day at Operation Turkey. Andrew and I wanted to have the older two kids volunteer and see how people less fortunate than us live. Thinking if they saw how homeless people live they will be more thankful and giving during Christmas coming up. It basically didn't go at all the way we planned. It back fired BIG TIME! There were more do-gooders/volunteers that just showed up to feel good about themselves and take a few pic so their Facebook friends could see their good deeds, than there were actual homeless people or people in NEED. Tons of food went into the garbage and money was wasted. Every homeless man and woman already had 12 plates from other volunteers that had gotten to them before we could. It was pretty funny when we drove up to a homeless man holding a sign that said "hungry need food". Addie got out to hand him a plate of food and he refused it. At which point my dad got angry and threatened to get out and kick his ass for not being nice to his Grandbaby. It was all funny by the next day. But needless to say we need to find a better way to teach our kids gratitude.

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